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Steel – It’s All in the Recipe

By Duncan Ellis | 23rd May, 2017

We all know that we at West Yorkshire Steel are big fans of one of the most versatile, customisable materials on Earth and we can give you all the advice and guidance you need to make sure you get the exact steel you need. For lots of people, however, they’re not sure about what type of steel does what, exactly. Ever since people started adjusting the ‘recipe’ for each steel grade, they’ve been making steels that are tailored for particular jobs; the truth is that it’s quite dependent on the chemical make-up and treatment of the steel for what job... [read more]

Rust Never Sleeps

By Duncan Ellis | 7th April, 2017

Although we love what we do, sometimes it's lovely to get away from a rainy British Summer with a quick run to the sun, where there's nothing to do but laze on a beach with a good book. While reading on such a beach recently, my attention was drawn from the bad guy in the book to a real life bad guy. He was skulking around some fishermen's boats that had already been fishing and were back on beach before anyone else was out of bed. I suddenly realised I actually knew his name; Mr F.E. Oxide. The boats themselves... [read more]

Surprisingly to Me, This Is Now My 40th Year in the Steel Industry, Its Amazing Where Time Goes

By Duncan Ellis | 17th January, 2017

All my family is from Sheffield hence the fact it was never surprising that I was interested in engineering. One of my first jobs was a part time Saturday job at Wetherby Engineering. I started making teas, sweeping floors and cleaning down the machines. Then moved on to parting off components on an old capstan lathe and using the milling machines. After leaving school at 16, I went to College to do a business studies degree. After one year I switched this to a part time course and started work at Hanson Stainless Strip Co in Pudsey. This was 1977.... [read more]

So, We Use It All the Time, but What Is Stainless Steel?

By Duncan Ellis | 8th November, 2016

From inauspicious beginnings, we have come to not only love, but rely on 'rustless steel', or as we now know it, stainless steel. When it was discovered and developed, thanks in no small part to Harry Brearley, some said that it would never be useful; for purposes such as cutlery and similar frequent use items, they were washed frequently, so being rustless served no practical use. However, it was stainless steel's properties when used in surgical implements, which improved both the quality of the implements and the hygiene of the operating theatre that brought the use of stainless steel forward.... [read more]

Taking a Leaf out of Corvette’s Engineering Book

By Duncan Ellis | 27th September, 2016

Without overloading on nostalgia, it seems many things that were once considered unremarkable are today quite unacceptable, most notably, smoking in pubs. Although the law is only 9 years old, smoke-filled pubs seem completely alien. Another rapid trend has been the decreasing popularity of The Petrolhead (or Gearhead for Americans). These days, car fans are perceived one of two ways; young scallywags with enormous subwoofers or middle-aged bores who match their leatherette driving gloves with their anorak. The problem for us at West Yorkshire Steel is that we can’t help but be car fans! Working in steel gives an amazing... [read more]