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All material is supplied in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 registration.

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What we do!

We are special steel stockholders and suppliers delivering nationwide. The most valuable possession we own is our reputation for quality and service.

Established in 1975

We supply a wide range of steel specifications. Combined with a wealth of experience and knowledge, we offer guidance on steel equivalent grades and hard to find steel specifications.
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Latest from the blog - 30th January, 2019

Can You Really Cut Steel With A Flame?

By Rob Ellis

We admit that there’s a lot of terminology around processing steel and the engineering that is involved, which can be confusing! To help, we have a glossary page full of terms that you may not feel are instantly obvious in their meaning, but one term that often gets a confused look is for ‘flame cut steel’. A flame is something that we think of as small, in everything from an open flame fire to the famous Flame-grilled Whopper, so would it really be sufficient to cut through a strong, tough steel? It is possible to slice through steel with a... [read more]