Flame Cut Steel Profiles

Flame cutting steel profile suppliers, delivering to the whole of the UK. West Yorkshire Steel are suppliers of flame cut steel profiles, produced to close tolerances on multi burner machines. With a high degree of accuracy to flame cutting steel profiles minimum final machining costs are incurred by the customer. Supplied in a comprehensive range of carbon steel specifications including mild steel, medium carbon steel, boiler plate and case hardening steel specifications.

We welcome export enquiries for flame cutting steel profiles. Contact our sales office and consult our shipping policy for details.

Popular flame cut grades we supply

EN8 | EN9 | S275 | S355 | C45 | S690QL |

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Steel Profiles

As flame cut steel profile suppliers we can produce multiple or one off pieces. A hard edge can occur when flame cutting medium carbon steel plate, therefore these grade are commonly normalised after flame cutting. Flame cut steel blanks can be supplied surface ground and edge machined to your requirements. All flame cut pieces are dressed before final inspection and despatch. If you have any special requirements please inform our sales staff when you order your flame cut steel profiles.

Mild Steel Boiler Plate Carbon Steel
BS EN 10025 S275JR BS4360 43A BS EN 10025 S355 J2+N BS970 080M40 070M55 EN8 EN9
BS1501 161 430A 430B C40 C45 C50 C55 C60
BS1501 224 490B (+ 223 225)
ASTM A516 Grade 60 70

With medium carbon steel grades (such as EN8 & EN9), we offer normalising (or stress relieving) after flame cutting.

Surface grinding and edge grinding can be carried out on all flame cut steel components. This is done on Lumsden grinding rotary reciprocating table machines. After flame cutting pieces can be ground to clean up. Alternatively flame cut blanks can be Lumsden ground to size on thickness to a tolerance of +/-0.25mm.  A tighter tolerance may be possible, please request your required tolerances when enquiring.

When enquiring on flame cut steel profiles please ensure you provide the following information to our sales team:-

  • Sizes required – please state whether these are the flame cut sizes or your finished machined sizes. For plate up to 75mm thick we recommend an allowance of 3mm-4mm, over 75mm thick plate we recommend 5mm-6mm (possibly a bigger allowance on larger pieces).
  • Steel specification and quantity – please advise the grade of steel and quantity required.
  • Drawings – for more complex shapes please e-mail your component drawings.
  • Finish required – if you require a Lumsden ground finish please state which edges require machining.

Flame cut steel profiles are available with BS EN 10204 3.1 mill certificate or a cast and analysis certificate. Please request when placing any orders.

All flame cut steel profiles are supplied in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 registration.