Making the Cut – with Plasma!

By westyorkssteel | 22nd May, 2018

As long as we’ve known about metals, we’ve been creating tools that allow us to deal with them; we’ve put a huge amount of effort into heating, refining, shaping, grinding, cutting and attaching metals together and at this point there really is an appropriate tool for every job. Some do the job quickly, others precisely but there’s always a ‘right way’. One of our favourite tools used by West Yorkshire Steel is one that can cut quickly, cleanly and very precisely – the plasma cutter. We can apply the plasma cutting process to any number of our stainless steel plates,... [read more]

Steel Is Beautiful, Whether Big or Small!

By Rob Ellis | 8th May, 2018

There’s no denying that we’re a little in awe of just how many different grades of steel can be put to different uses. Just as the dawn of the smartphone age saw everybody saying “There’s an app for that”, there are literally millions of different items, products and buildings where a steel grade fits the brief perfectly. Everybody is probably guilty of thinking of steel in terms of big engineering projects; all the headlines go to the bridges, skyscrapers and deep sea drilling equipment. What people don’t really consider are the much smaller uses of steel, the items around the... [read more]

A Look at Andrew Carnegie, Industrialist and Philanthropist

By Duncan Ellis | 24th April, 2018

There’s an old gag about New York; one day a tourist stops a local in the street and asks “Excuse me, how do I get to Carnegie Hall?” and the quick-fire response is “With a lot of practice!” While Carnegie Hall might be world famous as a home of classical music, you may not know the man who lent his name to this building. Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline in 1835. At the time, British steel was seeing massive expansion thanks to demand from US pioneers; cutlery, hunting knives and construction tools were making big money for UK manufacturers.... [read more]

Mark Firth – Making a Success of Armaments

By Rob Ellis | 10th April, 2018

Yorkshire has long been a county linked with iron, steel and metallurgy in the public consciousness, starting with the boom period in the middle of the 19th Century. The quality of the products that came out of the area around this time really set up a passion for excellence, which is something that survives to this very day. With the amount of output from the county and the money that was being generated locally, particular respect is due to Mark Firth, who managed to capitalise on the spirit and technology of the time, and through investing in the right equipment, became... [read more]

Preventing the Elements from Killing Your Steel!

By Duncan Ellis | 27th March, 2018

As humans, we can sometimes forget quite how hostile the environment we live in can be – we need to drink lots of water and even the air we breathe can be quite dangerous! Water is often referred to as ‘The Universal Solvent’ as it will dissolve huge numbers of materials and oxygen is the foundation of combustion – some very volatile stuff! Even though we think of steel as being very strong, when it comes to moisture and oxygen, it’s very susceptible to damage by corrosion. Protecting your steel tools and implements is paramount to not only prevent damage... [read more]