The Silver Standard of Steel

By westyorkssteel | 13th March, 2018

When it comes to the number of steel grades available, we can understand why people are astonished and bemused by the options available! It does seem that there is a steel grade for every single application you can think of, but each one exists for a specific purpose and has its own capabilities, strengths and weaknesses! One that always catches the eye of our customers is our Silver Steel Bar if not only because people immediately ask if there’s any silver contained in it! Unfortunately, there isn’t, it’s a historic name from the first half of the 20th Century, as the... [read more]

What Does ‘strong’ Actually Mean for Metal?

By westyorkssteel | 27th February, 2018

Strong is one of those words that we all use and understand, but has many different meanings dependent on the situation. We know that you can be mentally strong, fix yourself a strong drink and even strong-arm an opponent, but when you’re dealing with metals, what does it mean? Strength in terms of materials has quite a specific and defined meaning; it’s the ability of a material to resist and withstand damage from a particular force. Different materials have different types of strength, dependent on the load that’s being applied. Tensile is when a material is being pulled in two... [read more]

Some Weighty Talk With Metals!

By Rob Ellis | 13th February, 2018

If you ask somebody “What is a kilogram?” you might get a series of different answers. Some may be literal and say “One thousand grams”, while others, dependent on their age, might say “About 2.2 pounds”. Some might even crack a joke and say “Killer-gram” sounds like a 1970’s horror B-movie! When you think of a kilogram, you might think of the brass weights you used to have for balancing scales in school but did you know that while they may be “a kilogram”, they’re not “the kilogram”? That’s right, all kilograms are copies of one original kilogram, which is... [read more]

Hot Metal – How Does It Change?

By Duncan Ellis | 30th January, 2018

We know that lots of things undergo changes when they’re heated and metals are no exception. There are a number of common items that actually rely on this very fact, such as thermometers – the rate that mercury expands when heat is applied is so precise that it can be used to accurately show temperature. When dealing with other types of metal, however, having heat applied as either a by-product of function or as a method of treating can give very different results! Heat can affect everything in metal from its size and structure, all the way to its electrical... [read more]

A Look At The Vickers Family

By Rob Ellis | 16th January, 2018

There are a number of famous names in the steel industry around Yorkshire, but what’s interesting is the number of different disciplines that they cover. There are famous scientists, metallurgists, cutlers, structural engineers and even physicists! Another historically large sector for steel names was in armaments – and one of the famous families were the Vickers, specifically the two brothers Thomas and Albert. Born in Sheffield in the 1830’s, their grandfather was George Naylor, who owned a steelmaking firm, and their uncle William owned a steel rolling mill – so their future careers were more than likely decided at birth!... [read more]