Steel’s Renaissance Man – Benjamin Huntsman

By westyorkssteel | 15th August, 2017

One of the most intriguing figures in Sheffield’s history of steel is Benjamin Huntsman, who went on to be a tool steel manufacturer, but had quite an impressive array and career before he took up his final position! Benjamin Huntsman Tribute There’s some discussion about Benjamin’s birth, as although he was born in Lincolnshire, many believe that his parents were German and arrived shortly before his birth. Although they were farmers, the young Benjamin showed an aptitude for a wide range of careers, particularly in mechanics. The young Huntsman set up his first business in Doncaster as a clock maker.... [read more]

Was DeLorean Ahead of His Time? Or Are We heading Back to the Future?

By westyorkssteel | 1st August, 2017

Well, it’s 2017. As we know from the famous film trilogy, we’re two years overdue on our hoverboards, but the Chicago Cubs have finally won the World Series. Possibly the most striking thing we find this year is the DeLorean DMC-12 is once again due to go into production. That’s right, the car that had its place in history cemented as a time machine was announced last summer as gearing up once again – but this time to be made in Texas rather than Northern Ireland. That iconic brushed stainless steel bodywork is going to appear off the assembly, gleaming... [read more]

A Titanic Job for Steel!

By westyorkssteel | 18th July, 2017

Let’s face it, steel can make for some extremely impressive structures! Every time you see a large and impressive monument, whether it’s a skyscraper, football stadium or a suspension bridge, the underlying frame will almost undoubtedly be steel. You could say that steel is the material of choice for a display of strength! In its day, the most impressive display of steel was the Titanic, a marvel of engineering in the early 20th Century. Measuring over 880ft long and 175ft high with engines capable of putting out 46,000 horsepower, it was such a colossal project that it quickly gained the title... [read more]

A Fascinating Wander Through Steel’s History

By Rob Ellis | 4th July, 2017

We all know that the history of steel is interwoven with the history of the modern world, but it really goes so much deeper than that. Steel has been around for a great number of years and is just the latest stage of a long history of metallurgy – so we decided to take all of the interesting little tit-bits about steel that make us smile and put them into a blog! Firstly, steel could be a lot older than most people think. Although Yorkshire is often thought of as the beginnings of steel around Sheffield a few hundred years... [read more]

Could You Live in a Steel House?

By Duncan Ellis | 20th June, 2017

In the run up to the general election, there have been a number of comments from members of different parties about the cost of housing, first time buyers and commitments from the big parties about constructing new homes. In Britain, the foundations of our ideas on housing are very traditional; for residential homes, we use bricks and mortar with slate or tile roofing. Although our houses change with the fashions of the time and you can usually see the differences between the Victorian housing, post-war and modern new-builds, we’ve built houses the same way for a long time. If you’ve... [read more]