Continuous Cast Iron Bar

By westyorkssteel | 10th October, 2017

Although we may refer to this as the digital age, iron and steel are still the backbone of everything that we build, make and do. Information and digital services may be relishing in cloud systems, collaborative working and the accelerated learning in science, but these applications still have real world roots and the infrastructure that holds the whole thing together is still heavily reliant on physical structures. A lot of technological advances are revolutionary not because they produce something radically different from what went before, but as they allow the desired product to be made faster, cheaper, more efficiently or... [read more]

Is Steel Really the Best Material for Your Cookware?

By westyorkssteel | 26th September, 2017

We’ve blogged at length about how amazing steel is as a material – in fact, if there’s a job to be done, it’s very likely that there’s a steel that’s perfect for it! Sometimes it’s because the make-up of the steel and its characteristics are perfectly suited to the job, whereas for some other cases, the cost of the steel is cheap enough to make it much more financially viable to use steel than other materials. Surgical implements made from stainless steel have greatly improved hygiene in hospitals and operating theatres, whereas cutlery from stainless steel is far cheaper than... [read more]

A Stroke of Gin-ius?

By westyorkssteel | 12th September, 2017

Of all the trends that have suddenly – and unexpectedly – swept across Britain in the last few years, the resurgence of gin as the sophisticated drink of choice has been one of the most surprising. Last year, the total amount spent on gin in pubs and off licences hit an eye-watering £1billion with the exports rising to around £500million. It seems that every large town has suddenly become home to a number of artisanal gin distilleries, experimenting with different types of gin, flavourings and botanicals. This set us thinking; what was happening behind the scenes to allow this sudden... [read more]

The Magical Electric Arc Furnace

By Rob Ellis | 29th August, 2017

While there are many techniques for creating, processing and refining steel, each one is a large industrial process that literally accounts for centuries of continued learning and experimentation. Some processes are discovered by applying new scientific principles, whilst others are careful adjustments of the way things have been done previously. One of the more modern ways of making steel is via the EAF – or Electric Arc Furnace. Although Electric Arc Furnace may sound like a 1970’s prog-rock band, EAF was actually started in the first decade of the 20th Century in the USA. The big US steel mills were still... [read more]

Steel’s Renaissance Man – Benjamin Huntsman

By Duncan Ellis | 15th August, 2017

One of the most intriguing figures in Sheffield’s history of steel is Benjamin Huntsman, who went on to be a tool steel manufacturer, but had quite an impressive array and career before he took up his final position! Benjamin Huntsman Tribute There’s some discussion about Benjamin’s birth, as although he was born in Lincolnshire, many believe that his parents were German and arrived shortly before his birth. Although they were farmers, the young Benjamin showed an aptitude for a wide range of careers, particularly in mechanics. The young Huntsman set up his first business in Doncaster as a clock maker.... [read more]