When Is the Future Getting Here?

By westyorkssteel | 17th July, 2018

As celebrated science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke stated, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. We’ve seen an incredible amount of technological advancement that has led to huge changes, whether it’s the Gutenberg press, the invention of stainless steel, the internal combustion engine or humble old Wi-Fi. Each of these advancements would have been regarded as a marvel to previous generations; the ability to create multiple identical copies of books almost instantly, being able to put petrol into a tank and travel at great speeds or send messages and information from one device to another without wires or any... [read more]

Tool Steel Is A Complicated Business – But What’s So Special About It?

By westyorkssteel | 3rd July, 2018

For steel aficionados, tool steel is a familiar but spectacular marvel – a technological and scientific exercise that produces some of the most impressive steel grades available! If you’re not familiar with tool steel, as you’d expect, it’s a type of steel that’s used in tools and machinery – everything from blades, cutting dies, presses and sharpeners. It’s no surprise that steel in various types of machinery goes through an awful lot of strain and stress. Tool steels must be able to resist wear or deformation, retain their hardness or resistance to abrasion and corrosion or be able to withstand... [read more]

Everything Has a Trend… Even Metal!

By westyorkssteel | 19th June, 2018

Things aren’t as bad as they used to be, but it does still feel like the television is overrun with programmes about antiques, furniture and upcycling. One programme that we discussed recently is about restoration – taking items from old houses, breaker’s yards or barns and putting them back ‘as new’ with the appropriate materials and techniques. This set us thinking about how you can tell the probable age and history of an item due to its metal and materials. If you use the phrase ‘chrome plated’, then most people jump directly to the 1950s, bringing up images of bright,... [read more]

Forget the Irons, It’s Steel That Keeps Golfers Going!

By Rob Ellis | 5th June, 2018

Even if you know nothing about the sport of golf, you probably know that golfers use ‘clubs’ and not ‘bats’ and that some of these are called ‘irons’. At one point, golf clubs were made from wood, such as hickory or orangewood and were prone to breaking and splitting. Advancements in metalwork now allow these clubs to made from steel, titanium or even carbon fibre, which has greatly improved the accuracy and distance of a shot. We at West Yorkshire Steel fully appreciate the skill that it takes to hit a tiny, dimpled ball over 300 yards and land it... [read more]

Making the Cut – with Plasma!

By Duncan Ellis | 22nd May, 2018

As long as we’ve known about metals, we’ve been creating tools that allow us to deal with them; we’ve put a huge amount of effort into heating, refining, shaping, grinding, cutting and attaching metals together and at this point there really is an appropriate tool for every job. Some do the job quickly, others precisely but there’s always a ‘right way’. One of our favourite tools used by West Yorkshire Steel is one that can cut quickly, cleanly and very precisely – the plasma cutter. We can apply the plasma cutting process to any number of our stainless steel plates,... [read more]