A Closer Look at the Bandsaw

By westyorkssteel | 5th December, 2017

West Yorkshire Steel are happy to offer a number of different steel processing services – the options that we have mean that we can deliver a range of different products to our customers just as they need them! We decided, however, that it would be good to look into some of the toys that we have on site that help us to cut and shape our steel, starting with the bandsaw. If you’re not sure what a bandsaw is, then imagine an extremely long saw blade and join the two ends together to make a loop. The looped blade is... [read more]

From Iron to Steel – What’s the Deal?

By Rob Ellis | 21st November, 2017

Steel’s been with us so long, it’s impossible to imagine a time without it! So much of our infrastructure is built on steel, from air and rail travel right through to modern buildings – but what people may not know is the fascinating journey that takes place to produce steel from iron. Humans have used iron for over 5,000 years, but at this early stage is was meteoric iron from space; it took a further 2,000 years for us to discover how to refine iron ore. Iron ores are essentially iron oxide, with two iron molecules and three oxygen ones.... [read more]

Steel – Your Valuables Are Safe with It?

By Duncan Ellis | 7th November, 2017

We have been accused before of being able to see a metallurgy story just about anywhere we look, but one showed itself last weekend! During the usual Saturday night movie, a heist was being planned – one that would need expertise and a lot of know how because the target was a safe. The problem was that the safe was made from the same steel as the Titanic and it would be impossible to break! This started a thought process, would steel used in early 20th Century shipbuilding really have been suitable for building a safe? Safes and secure storage are... [read more]

Thomas Jessop – a Man with Steel in His Veins

By Rob Ellis | 24th October, 2017

There are lots of familiar stories when it comes to steelmaking in Yorkshire, but considering the size, wealth, local materials and the world reach of the Sheffield steelmaking industry at one time, it’s entirely unsurprising that many born locally would find themselves working and having a lifelong career in metallurgy in the 19th Century. One such tale is that of Thomas Jessop, who was born into a steel industry family in 1804; his father had a modest crucible facility nearby. After he completed his education, at around age 14 or 15 he was apprenticed to an edge-tool maker with a view... [read more]

Continuous Cast Iron Bar

By Duncan Ellis | 10th October, 2017

Although we may refer to this as the digital age, iron and steel are still the backbone of everything that we build, make and do. Information and digital services may be relishing in cloud systems, collaborative working and the accelerated learning in science, but these applications still have real world roots and the infrastructure that holds the whole thing together is still heavily reliant on physical structures. A lot of technological advances are revolutionary not because they produce something radically different from what went before, but as they allow the desired product to be made faster, cheaper, more efficiently or... [read more]