Could You Live in a Steel House?

By westyorkssteel | 20th June, 2017

In the run up to the general election, there have been a number of comments from members of different parties about the cost of housing, first time buyers and commitments from the big parties about constructing new homes. In Britain, the foundations of our ideas on housing are very traditional; for residential homes, we use bricks and mortar with slate or tile roofing. Although our houses change with the fashions of the time and you can usually see the differences between the Victorian housing, post-war and modern new-builds, we’ve built houses the same way for a long time. If you’ve... [read more]

Mr Butcher, the… Master Cutler?

By Rob Ellis | 6th June, 2017

Yorkshire has always had a huge number of names that are intrinsically linked with the pioneering spirit and world-class metalwork. It’s hard to imagine how much history there is in this small area; places like Sheffield were literally world famous for cutlery, machinery and tool steels and it’s probably not too much of a stretch to say that Sheffield was to cutlery and tool steel what Silicon Valley in California is to tech innovation today. Oddly, it’s actually the United States that prompted much of the demand and success for Sheffield steel, with a huge requirement of everything from domestic... [read more]

Steel – It’s All in the Recipe

By Duncan Ellis | 23rd May, 2017

We all know that we at West Yorkshire Steel are big fans of one of the most versatile, customisable materials on Earth and we can give you all the advice and guidance you need to make sure you get the exact steel you need. For lots of people, however, they’re not sure about what type of steel does what, exactly. Ever since people started adjusting the ‘recipe’ for each steel grade, they’ve been making steels that are tailored for particular jobs; the truth is that it’s quite dependent on the chemical make-up and treatment of the steel for what job... [read more]

Rust Does Not Give Steel an ‘Antique Feel’…

By Rob Ellis | 9th May, 2017

It’s the fear that lurks in the back of the mind for every classic car enthusiast… rust. Rust is one of those things that makes people of normally sound mind panic and invest incredible amounts of time and money stopping it from even appearing. The problem with rust is, you need to understand it in order to fight it effectively. Rust is just the common name of iron oxide. As iron makes up the biggest part of steel, oxidation can be a problem for large number of steel grades, too. Iron is so reactive with water it’s rarely found pure... [read more]

A Discovery That Was A Happy Accident!

By Rob Ellis | 25th April, 2017

There are many names throughout the history of metallurgy whose fame was earned through years of rigorous scientific experimentation or endless refinement of metalworking processes. Names like Brearley and Bessemer made their contributions to industry after years of hard work, but some discoveries are made through what can only be described as serendipity. One such name is Thomas Boulsover, a Sheffield cutler born in 1705. Having completed his apprenticeship, he was employed as a cutler in the town when a customer brought him a knife in need of repair. The knife was good quality but it had a highly decorative... [read more]