Steel and energy efficiency – can everybody benefit?

Posted 5th February, 2021

For people familiar with the West Yorkshire Steel blog, you’ll have heard us reference steel as the backbone of modern living. Almost everything that you can see relies on steel somewhere, whether it’s modern skyscrapers, cutting edge appliances or even the internet, which uses lots of steel in its infrastructure. Despite being at the heart of how we live today, sometimes steel is still imagined in terms of the Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th Centuries, which doesn’t fit today’s image at all. Modern thinking for steel Put simply, the reason why steel is so widely used is because... [read more]

Sometimes destroying a steel is the only way!

Posted 14th August, 2020

When steel forms the backbone of your technology, engineering and construction industries, then you really need to be able to trust your material. The invention (or discovery, whichever you prefer!) of alloy steel grades was a real watershed moment for society. It allowed us to make steels with more strength and heat treatment capabilities. The trust that you have in your steel comes from knowing exactly where its limits are, and in order to find that out, sometimes we basically have to destroy the steel by pushing right up to and then beyond its capabilities. Only then can we say... [read more]

Where does steel fit in with Britain’s coronavirus recovery?

Posted 16th July, 2020

In the last 15 years, the UK has seen two large scale events that have had serious repercussions on the economy. The global crash of 2007 and the recent pandemic have affected businesses across the board, but it’s not unfair to say that building and construction have been among the worst hit both times. When the UK went into lockdown in March, tradespeople on building sites were sent home, and the advice to work from home wherever possible couldn’t be applied.   A few weeks ago, however, the UK not only allowed builders and tradespeople to return to work, but... [read more]

Fighting coronavirus needs the right equipment – and materials!

Posted 29th April, 2020

Those people who know West Yorkshire Steel and those who read our blog will be familiar with our belief that there’s always a material that’s perfectly suited to the job at hand – and it’s surprising how often that material is steel! We genuinely find it a fascinating material and love that a little tweak in the treatment or chemical composition of the material can bring such incredibly different results.   We also know, however, that sometimes there are other materials that are more ideally suited, and a few weeks ago we found out that Harrogate Grammar School was turning... [read more]

West Yorkshire Steel in The Parliamentary Review!

Posted 30th September, 2019

A few months ago, West Yorkshire Steel were approached and asked if we’d like to write a piece that would be included in the Parliamentary Review. This edition was focussed on the worlds of supply, manufacturing and engineering, and because steel is central to each of those sectors and they’re very close West Yorkshire Steel’s heart, we were asked if we’d like to have our input included. If you’ve never really come across the Parliamentary Review before, it’s a publication that gives businesses a platform to discuss their strengths, challenges and the future of not only their sector, but their... [read more]