About Duncan


Duncan Ellis


Director at West Yorkshire Steel

About Duncan

When he’s not in the office, you’re likely to find Duncan out in the countryside, whether it’s on his mountain bike, walking in the Dales or skiing, preferably off piste. He’d love to go back in time and have a brew with Julius Caesar, but failing that Yorkshire legend Jarvis Cocker will do!

Duncan believes the best part about working in a family business is knowing that you can trust everyone to do a great job every day, as everyone is invested so heavily in the business. However, it does mean that brew duties don’t get shared out so evenly!

The best advice Duncan has ever been given is “Plan your work and work your plan”. Or when it comes to gardening, “Never work in your garden when the earth sticks to your boots”.

How long have you been working in the steel industry?

38 years

What’s your favourite use of steel?

The knife, it’s so simple yet so useful. At West Yorkshire Steel we supply a variety of stainless steel, tool steel and carbon steel grades for producing quality knives.

The greatest invention ever?

The internal combustion engine, of course!

What’s the best thing about Yorkshire?

The Dales and the fact that people simply call a spade a spade!