BS1452 Grade 300 Cast Iron

BS1452 Grade 300 Cast Iron suppliers, delivering to all of the UK. A continuous cast bar and supplied in rounds and flats. Grade 300 offers excellent wear resistance and is a heat treatable cast iron grade. It is readily machineable in its supply condition giving an excellent machined finish.

We welcome export enquiries for cast iron bar. Contact our sales office and consult our shipping policy for further details.

Related Specifications

BS EN 1561 EN16482 EN GJL 300 DIN 1691 GG30 ISO 185 300

Alternative Cast Iron Grades

200 | 220 | 250 | 260 | 350 | Spheroidal Graphite Iron | 400-15 | 420-12 | 500-7 | 600-3 | 700-2

Form of Supply

West Yorkshire Steel supply Grade 300 as round and flat bar.  We can supply full bars or cut blanks to your required sizes.

  • Flat
  • Diameter

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BS1452 Grade 300 is suitable for applications which require good wearing characteristics and when components require a combination of strength and wear resistance superior to those of other softer cast iron grades. Typical applications include, moulds, dies, bearings and gears.

Carbon 2.90-3.45% Silicon 2.10-2.90%
Manganese 0.45-0.70% Sulphur 0.10% max
Phosphorous 0.30% max Iron balance

Typical Tensile
range of material
(subject to section)
185-220 190-260

Mechanical properties shown are typical and may vary subject to the size and section of this cast iron grade.

Cast Iron Grade BS1452 300 can be supplied with a certificate of conformity, please request when placing any orders.

BS1452 Grade 300 Cast Iron is supplied in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 registration.